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How To Gain Size

Re: Eating To Gain Size

Re: Re: Gain Size Workout Program

Posted by: Dave(davidedwards72@hotmail.com)

Hi, I'm a 34 year old who has been working out for around 10 years. Only in the last 2 years have I started to make real gains. For years I read about how the major compound exercises were the key to building strength. I would then include them in my routine, but still do countless sets of "auxillary" exercises. I was completely fooling myself. You can't increase your muscles unless you first become strong. Then I tried a 5x5 programme for strength. At first it seemed too little. Only 3 exercises per workout. I was in and out of the gym in only 30 to 40 minutes. I worried about my arms getting smaller due to lack of direct work. Ha, what an idiot I had been all those years. My strength consistently improved, my muscle mass increased, and most pleasingly of all my arms grew even though I had vastly reduced the amount of time and effort I spent on them. The difference is my workouts are more intense. I finally had found that moment of sartori that all bodybuilders/strength wannabe's look for. There are no secrets, no wonder supplements, the routines printed in the magazines are fairy-stories. Lift big, eat big and you will become big. Forget sit-ups, once you are squatting and deadlifting intensely your abs will grow. Forget countless arm exercises (sure if you want to have slightly swollen biceps on a skinny frame carry-on) as your arms will only grow in proportion to the rest of you. I know, you will probably read this, make a mental note, maybe some of you will even take heed of what I say...for a while, before returning to trawling the internet and magazines for the "secret". Well if that is how you want it packaged, fine..the secret is 1) Compound exercises 2) Steadily increase the weight 3) eat big (but not junk). I should include a warning about this advice though, there is a danger of a hernia....as you will be laughing everytime in the gym you see some dweeb spending 30 minutes on his arms as you lift twice his body weight for 5 sets and then leave. By then I hope you will have sympathy for the guy and try to persuade him of the error of his ways. Good luck!

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