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V Shape Body

Posted by: Mike (mikeyanames@hotmail.com)

I wanna bring out my lats and shrink waist line. I'm 20 years old have been weight training for like 5-6 years now my arms are 16.1/2 inches chest is 43.1/2 waist is abut 34 any suggestions?

Re: V Shape Body

Posted by: Roland (roland@naturalmusclehawaii.com)

Mike, try doing reverse grip back exercises, ie reverse grip pulldowns & rows. Also if you are not already doing so, incorporate pullovers or straight arm pulldowns into your back workout. For the waistline, focus on the basics, crunches, cable/rope crunches, and reverse crunches. Most importantly, be sure to incorporate a sufficent amount of cardio into your training, and keep the diet clean! Good Luck!

Re: How To Get A V Shape Body

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