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V Shape Body

Re: How To Get A V Shape Body

Posted by: ryan (riley@acept.co.ukm)

I have recently been concentrating on my lats and they are really starting to grow, I don't know you current work out plan but one way you can improve on your lats and any other body part is by doing one month of 2x15 reps this will prepare your body for a new phase of training and you also may find you make some gains, after doing this for one month go to doing 3x10 reps and try doing underhand narrow grip bumbell rows, wide overhand dumbell rows and wide chins but the main thing when doing the exercises is but the weight up from your elbow and let your hand follow, to many people make the mistake of pulling from there hand and using other muscles to perform the exercises, also try using straps for the chins this again makes you more able to concentrate on the exercise rather than griping the bar.

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