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How To Get Big And Ripped

Posted by: Smitty 78 (marc_297@hotmail.com)

Hi everybody, my name is marc and my issue is that I have been trying all these different programs. Suplements, training routines. My problem is im just not getting bigger or more defined. I do Judo twice a week run interval traing 3 times minimum per week do weights 5 times a week with 2 days rest and am working on my abs. I eat fairley good try to stay away from the junk ie cookies, pop you know my weight is 145 to 148 pounds but i just feel small for 5 foot 7 inches and undifined in the mid section. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Re: How To Get Big And Ripped

Posted by: Rye (Excelrye@aol.com)

Use Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training...had me go from a skinny 16 year old classical ectomorph...to winning bodybuilding shows by the time I was 19 year old...cheers

Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training

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