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Muscle Building Information

Posted by: Gabe

Learn The Secrets of Natural Bodybuilding!

My name is Gabe Davis, I lifted for years but I really hadn't gotten anywhere.

I then found trulyhuge.com and the "Muscle Express" training program.

See https://www.trulyhuge.com/MuscleExpress.html

I started with "The Basic Program", moved on the "The Mass And Power Phase" and then the "Pre Fatigue Supersets Phase". The results?

I gained 40 pounds of muscle in only 4 months!

See my before and after photos:

Before 170 Pounds


After 210 Pounds


The best news of all is I'm still not done gaining. This is just a progress report, I'm still lifting and still getting weekly tips from trulyhuge.com

4 months ago if I would have read this story written by someone else I might not have believed it. That is why when I did it, I wanted to document it all to prove it really can happen!

For full information see:


Sincerely yours,

Gabe Davis

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