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Lean Muscle vs Fat

Posted by: adam rmsingers01@cox.net)

Hi, i'm 19 and have been working out for several years now. my arms are 15 1/2 my chest is 39. I wiegh 195 and am 6'1. I want to gain more muscle but I have fat around my midsection i want to get rid of. My problem i have found is when i diet i gain muscle much slower. when I dont diet and eat whatever I want I gain muscle like a mad man...but i also gain fat. How can I solve this problem??

Re: Lean Muscle vs Fat

Posted by: mo platoon@otmail.co.uk)

Try and complete more than 3 cardio training session per week if possible at 30 mins each session to lose weight and make sure your diet is less fat more protein.

Re: Lean Muscle vs Fat

Posted by: Kid rkrietsch@yahoo.com)

I've read that doing cardio "until you die" taps the carbohydrate energy in your body, whereas keeping your heart rate in the proper range during exercise taps your fat stores. Is there a case where going too hard during exercise has a negative effect on burning fat?

Re: How To Gain Muscle Without Fat

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