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Lean Muscle vs Fat

Re: How To Gain Muscle Without Fat

Posted by: Dakota heebgeebz@yahoo.com)

Definitely good to incorporate cardio into your routine. Do some interval training, i.e. do a warm up and stretch session then do sprints until you are about to die (or five minutes or so... whichever comes first), then take it down to a fast walk and repeat. Five minute intervals, or whatever you can stand; challenge yourself. Also, regular jogging ain t too bad either. Alternate. Do you have a bicycle? Dust it off and get riding; it's one of the best cardio exercises you can do. Oh, don't go on a diet. That is, don't eat healthy for a while and then change and go back to eating like crap. Get into a way of eating that is something of a compromise. Make sure to eat healthy most of the time, but you can sneak in a bit of sweets here and there (if that's your thing). If you can get your sweets from natural sources such as honey, so much the better. Stay away from worthless junk like white flour, white sugar, white rice and eat more whole grains, lean meats, beans, soy products, etc.. If your food is closer to how nature intended it, you will get better nutrients. You need these nutrients if you are going to beat your body up in the gym. Carbo load, but do it with brown or wild rice, black beans, lentils, whole wheat, oats, barley, soy milk or regular milk (make sure it's not too processed and, if possible, make it without growth hormones or antibiotics). Eat protein, but not too much. Most Americans get way too much protein. Eat your eggs, they aren't bad for you like some make them out to be (though be careful if you have a propensity towards high cholesterol), eat lean beef, chicken breast, tuna, etc. Don't neglect healthy fats like those found in olive oil and peanut butter. Your body will thank you.

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