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Mike Mentzer diet plan

Posted by: Brandon


I am very intrigued by Mike Mentzer's training principles.

Did he recommend any cardio or abdominal work? Also did he write a sample diet. I know he believed in high carbs, but do you have a meal plan.



Re: Mike Mentzer diet plan

Posted by: Paul

I agree Mike Mentzer's training principles do in fact work when you give them your all.

Mike did not recommend ab work or cardio when trying to gain mass.

To fully understand the training principles and the Mike Mentzer diet plan, I suggest the Mike Mentzer Underground Seminar

Here is a Mike Mentzer sample diet, that he followed when he was active in bodybuilding:

Two Bran muffins with butter, 1 slice seven-grain toast, two figs and two or three cups of coffee.

After Workout
Milk and egg protein drink and fresh fruit such as pineapple or grapes.

Mid Afternoon Meal
Baked potato and more fresh fruit.

Final Meal
Two chicken breasts, a salad, corn of the cob, and occasionally some ice cream.

My 2 cents on a high carbohydrate diet is that you stick to natural carbs such as raw fruits and vegetables and don't forget to get enough lean proteins such as egg whites, chicken and fish.

Re: Mike Mentzer diet plan

Posted by: Arnold

Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden and Mike Mentzer the pioneers of H.I.T - High Intensity Training all recommend this same diet. 60% carbs, 25% protein and 15% Fat. I work in the supplement buisness and the high protein diet is a selling point! You need carbs because if you train the H.I.T. method your bodies natural fuel is carbs, then fat! Protein is just to repair tissue!

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