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Mike Mentzer rest days

Posted by: Darin

I read your article "My Mike Mentzer Training Experience" and I found it very inspiring and informative. But I have some doubts about this training schedule which I hope you will be kind enough to resolve:

My question is after every workout, you have advised to take at least 3 days rest, so here does rest mean not coming to the gym for these 3 days or just not doing just that particular workout for the next 3 days? For example if I did my workout 1 on Monday should I wait till Friday to do workout 2 or is it fine if I do my workout 2 immediately on Tuesday?

I am sorry to bother you but since I am going to follow this schedule, it is necessary for me to clear my mind of all doubts.

Re: Mike Mentzer rest days

Posted by: Paul

It actually means you don't workout at all for 3 days.

To really clear your mind of all doubts your need to get Mike's workout DVD, it will answer all your questions, show you the form for all exercises, etc. It's like having Mentzer as your own personal trainer.

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