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Mike Mentzer warming up

Posted by: Maurice

Hi there,

I was reading your training article My Mike Mentzer Training Experience and was interested in a few things. Firstly what sort of warm-up is good. Personally if I was going to do a maximum lift I'd like to do a warm-up set of 15 reps of that exercise to warm that specific muscle.

Secondly if you are in a non-bulking phase where you want to cut up and get ripped is it still one set maximum lift with heaps of cardio, or do you do several set with higher reps i.e. 12-15.

The last question is did Mike believe in building a base before going into this style of training, as a Personal Trainer my belief would be putting an in experienced person on this sort of program would be risking injury. Personally I would be giving them 3 sets of 10-12 reps on core exercises e.g Flat Bench for chest, Barbell curls for biceps etc, for the first 6-8 weeks. Then introducing Mike's program.

I think Mike's program has many merits.



Re: Mike Mentzer warming up

Posted by: Paul

Mike had me do 2 warm ups of only a few reps each.

High reps do not burn fat, that comes from lowered calorie intake.

Yes, I agree someone should work up to training with super high intensity.

If you don't have Mike's workout DVD, you really should get it, it will answer all your questions, show you the form for all exercises, etc. It's like having Mentzer as your own personal trainer.

See Mike Mentzer DVD

All, the Best,


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