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free weights vs machines

Posted by: Paul

I get emails all the time asking me questions like "What's better free weights or machines?" "Are workout machines bad or good?" and "Are free weights the best?". I will attempt to answer all these questions in this post and give the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and machines.

First I will say that this controversy was started by a war between the companies that sold machines and the companies that sold barbells and dumbbells, each claimed that their product was superior and that you need to buy from them to get the body you desire.

The truth is that anyone who has build up a good physique has used both free weights and machines. For example the typical leg workout in most gyms around the world is barbell squats (a free weight exercise) followed by leg extensions and leg curls (machine exercises).

The advantages of free weights are they do not force you to follow some fixed plane of motion and they call into play many stabilizer muscles. The disadvantages are that it is sometimes hard to fully isolate one muscle group using free weights and they can be dangerous if you don't have a spotter in such exercises as the bench press and the squat.

The advantages of workout machines are they do allow you to fully isolate a muscle group, for example such exercises as the pec deck and leg extension. You can also use most machines safely even if you don't have a training partner. The disadvantages are that they do force you into a fixed plane of motion and they don't tend to make use stabilizer muscles.

My advise is stop worrying about a debate that has been going on for over 40 years and just use both free weight and machine exercises in your workout routines and you will get the best results.

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