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Chris Dickerson workout

Posted by: Paul

Chris Dickerson was a great bodybuilder who will go down in history for many accomplishments. Not only was he the first black man to win the AAU Mr. America contest but he also won the IFBB Mr. Olympia at 43 years old!

When you look at Chris Dickerson's physique I think you will agree that his shoulders really stand out, I mean he really had some thick deltoids. He also had a the kind of small waist that you don't see today in pro bodybuilding giving him a incredible v-shape.

Chris Dickerson shoulder workout

Here is the workout he used to build those amazing shoulders:

Seated press behind the neck for six sets of eight to twelve reps.
Standing side laterals for six sets of eight to ten reps.
Seated dumbbell presses for six sets of eight reps.
Seated bent laterals for six sets of twelve to fifteen reps.
Upright row for four sets of ten to twelve reps.

Yes, he did 28 sets in total! Now that may be too much for most people and you can try it with maybe only 2 to 3 sets of each exercise.

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