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Double split training routines

Posted by: Paul

Many people have asked me "What is a double split routine?" and "Is a double split workout routine needed to reach the highest level of development?".

I will attempt to answer both these questions as best as I can.

Double split training or working out twice a day was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many other bodybuilders in the 1970's, such as Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, etc. They would workout for two hours in the morning, eat lunch and then lay on the beach and nap, eat again and then workout for another 2 hours in the afternoon. Arnold said that after the meals and nap, he would be full of energy and raring to go for his afternoon workout.

You have to remember these were profession bodybuilders who didn't have any other job besides bodybuilding. And they took steroids to help their recovery abilities.

For most natural working bodybuilders, working out once a day, four days a week will get them the best results.

But if you are an advanced bodybuilder and you want to give the double split training a try, I suggest doing it only for the last few weeks before a contest. I also recommend you keep each workout to under an hour.

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