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Hardgainer Ab Workout

Hardgainers often struggle across the board with building muscle mass. However, many hardgainers are able to realize good results in working the ab region. That's because for the hard gainer the abs are one area that often respond quite well.

A basic ab training program will do the trick. For example, Phil Campbell’s upper and lower ab training approach is great for the hard gainer.

Phil recommends this exercise combination for the abs:

Upper ab work – four sets of 20 reps

Lower ab work - two sets of 20 reps

You don't need to do a ton of training for the abs to respond. They only need direct, consistent work and they will respond, even for the hardgainer.

What exercises should you employ? Half sit ups (going half way up), half crunches, and then graduating to weighted half crunches all work very well for the upper ab regions.

For the lower abs, the hip roll works well. The hip roll is performed lying face up on a bench, with the end of the bench situated at the start of your buttocks. Grasp the bench with your hands down by your hips, and cross your legs at the ankles while bending your knees slightly outward. From this position roll your legs downward from the hips, hold for a second, then raise your legs upward until your knees are over your chest. Lower and repeat. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions with a full range of motion.

Get in these exercises, and even if you are a hardgainer you will see good results with your abs.

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