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Hardgainer Arm Workout

Perhaps the biggest temptation for a hardgainer is with the arms and the manner in which arms are trained. A hardgainer will often try to train the arms like everyone else does, like the articles in the Muscle mags or on the Internet say to work the arms. But typically that will overtrain the hardgainer’s arms, with the end result being no gains.

A hardgainer needs to really set the training up just right to get maximum intensity in a minimal time space. And this is particularly true for arm training, where the muscles are smaller and react negatively to being overtrained. Here is an arm workout that fits those parameters.

Warm up the arms

Triceps narrow grip dip - 2 sets of as many reps as possible

Triceps bench press – 3 sets of 7 repetitions , heavy weight

Incline dumbbell extension - 3 x 10, deep range of motion

Rest 4 minutes

Close grip chin ups – 2 x as many reps as possible

Barbell curls - 3 x 7

Cable Curl off preacher bench with steep incline - 4 x 10

Start this workout off with the triceps, then move to the biceps. Allow a 4 minute rest between the two muscle groups to allow a little rest and a change of focus. Take only 70 seconds rest between sets. Your arms should have quite a pump after wrapping up the session.

Although the arm muscles are relatively small, they need to be stimulated fairly consistently, even for a hardgainer. Perform this workout twice a week, with at least a couple of days rest between workouts.

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