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Hardgainer Back Workout

The back is the biggest muscle group in the upper torso and an inviting training target for a hard workout. For the hardgainer, this is "money" the place where you want to put in more emphasis.

For a hardgainer the problem is often one of reining in the training and then making the most of the training time you do have allotted. But for the back you want to make a slight exception. That's because building up the back can yield the most return on your training investment time.

At the foundation of the back workout is the deadlift. That's because not only do you make your back lift a ton of weight with the deadlift, but the deadlift is one of just a few exercises where critical mass is moved through space by your body. When you do this you stimulate all kinds of testosterone activity.

In addition to the deadlift, you also need some rowing work and some chinning. So here is how the workout looks:

Back Blowout Workout for Hardgainers
Warm up
Deadlift 5 sets of 3 reps, heavy weight
Bent Rowing - 5 sets of 7 reps
Chin-ups, wide grip - 5 sets of as many reps as possible

And that's it. No need to do more, Get the intensity from the weightload. Make sure that you are using really heavy weight amounts. Near maximum capability for the deadlift, very heavy rowing. And once you can perform 10 or more reps with the chins for a couple of sets, use a weight vest or weight belt to add more weight for the chin ups.

Work the back with this workout a couple of times a week, allowing several days rest between workouts. Also perform some stretching of the back between sets.

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