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Hardgainer Calorie Intake

Hardgainers have a tough go on virtually every area of bodybuilding but there is one upside eating tons of food. Where most bodybuilders have to watch the calorie intake, the typical hardgainer can eat and eat.

Nutrient Dense

Just because a hardgainer can get away with eating a lot of calories doesn't mean that what is in those calories doesn't matter. It does matter. Eating 3,000 calories worth of Twinkies won't help any hardgainer.

A hardgainer needs to eat food that is nutrient dense. A hardgainer needs calories that come from food elements full of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and yes, good fat.

Fat is one of the key elements that a hardgainer should target. Protein and fat intake should be utilized together because often a bodybuilding diet is high in protein but low in fat. That is not a good combination as the body needs healthy fat to facilitate the growth of the muscles. And if a hardgainer is copying the approach of some of the pros, he may be in this boat of a high protein, low fat diet. That's a mistake and needs to be corrected. A hardgainer can have more fat and boost the caloric intake level notably.

To help kick of some strong growth, increase caloric intake by 25 percent. Make sure that all of this increase is nutrient dense food, and mainly protein and fat. Some carb increase is okay, but target protein and fat as the main factors for growth. So for example if you have been taking 3,000 calories a day, take that up to 3,750 calories a day. Stay at this 25 percent point for several weeks and see if you start to get some more muscle growth.

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