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Hardgainer Leg Workout

For the hardgainer, the legs are the make or break muscle group. Thatís because the legs power the strength of the entire body,and if you donít get the legs going strong, then nothing else reaches its maximum either. To win the hardgainer war, you have to win the war with the legs.

The good news is that once you get the legs going strongly, the rest of the body will start to improve as well. This point is often overlooked by many novices, hardgainer or not, who center their efforts on biceps and chest and give only the training leftovers to the legs. If you really want to make headway, you have to make the legs the main target.

And that translates into one exercise Ė the squat. If you are a hardgainer and want a shot at getting bigger and stronger, you are best served by the squat. Forget everything else until you can squat heavy, deep, and do it every week.

Build your leg training around the squat and you will get as much benefit as possible. For the hamstrings, employ the stiff leg deadlift. And finish up with calf work. So a hardgainer leg workout looks like this:

Warm up
Squats Ė 5 x 7 with heavy weight load
Stiff leg deadlift - 3 x 7
Standing Calf Raise - 3 x 10
One leg calf raise - 3 x 10

Use this workout twice a week, with at least three days of rest between sessions. Remember, this is your key workout. Not a lot of exercises, so you have to put your heart into those squats. Thatís where the battle lies, so squat big and grow.

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