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Hardgainer Meal Plan

Hardgainer Meal Plan on a Budget

When you look at all the expensive supplements and related products on the market you may feel that you havenít a chance to pay for the necessary nutrition to build your body. But donít despair. Nutritionists say that supplements are inferior to real food and that all good training diets should be centered on food, not supplements.

That point, that real food trumps supplements for athletes needs, is actually a good deal for the low budget plan. Thatís because the very best foods for building muscle are relatively inexpensive. Eggs, milk, and tuna are at the top of the food chain for bodybuilders and they are quite inexpensive. So too are vegetables and fruit. So you can put together a diet that will really build your body up and not spend an arm and a leg.

You want to center your diet around these low-cost, high nutrient foods. Buy lots of eggs, milk, tuna, and some supporting carbs such as oatmeal, beans and potatoes. And add some fruit and veggies, and you have the base for an awesome diet that wonít break your wallet.

Here is an example:

4 egg omelet with cheese and olives
whole wheat bread
2 glasses of whole milk

6 ounces of cheese
6 figs

can of tuna over spinach salad, with zesty salad dressing
Glass of tea

Afternoon snack
protein shake - 3 glasses of whole milk, banana, cup of yoghurt

chicken breast
broccoli and snap peas in salad dressing
potato with cheese topping

Before bed
5 desiccated liver tablets

Eating like this is relatively inexpensive yet it provides you very nutritious support for your training. If you plan your diet around the low cost, high nutrient foods available you can eat healthy and at a low cost.

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