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Hardgainer Shoulder Workout

Some people develop the shoulders fairly fast and others don't, Hardgainers often struggle with the shoulders so a specific routine can make a big difference in whether or not gains are realized.

Big and Brief

The best training approach for the hardgainer is to go big and brief. You want to get a lot done in a short period of time. That translates into training for all muscle groups, including the shoulders. Here is a routine that is big and brief for the hardgainer to use on the shoulder muscle group:

Warm up dynamic, couple of minutes
Standing Military Press - 3 x 7
Seated Dumbbell Press - 3 x 9
Cable Lateral Raise - 2 x 10
Bent Lateral Row - 2 x 10

This workout addresses all three heads of the deltoids, is relatively short, and will produce some nice muscle gains provided you are using enough weight to strongly stimulate the muscles. And that is where the final 2-3 reps are a big struggle. So start struggling with your shoulders on this routine right away.

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