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Hardgainer Training Frequency

I am a hardgainer how often should I workout?

The biggest temptation for hardgainers lies in the tendency to overtrain. Hardgainers often hit the wall of limited or no training gains sooner and more persistently than does the average trainee. However, the hardgainer often reacts the wrong way and in so doing makes the situation worse.

Less, not More

What the hardgainer often does is to start training more often to try and overcome the training plateau they have hit. This totally shuts down any chance for building more muscle. What the hardgainer needs to do is less, not more. More compounds the negative effect. Less training gives the muscle more time to recover.

So how much less training time should the hardgainer drop back to? A couple of days. If you are a hardgainer who is training five days a week, for instance, you should drop that number back to no more than three training sessions a week. And if you are training four days a week and realize that may be too much, drop your training back to two or three sessions a week.

Some extreme hardgainers may find that they actually see more progress on a once a week program than they would on a four times a week workout routine. You may have to experiment to find the exact number of weekly workout days for your own body.

Go Hard

The caveat here is that you want to go super hard when you do train. Training less frequently doesn’t mean that you train easy. You want to really make those fewer sessions count. And because you do have fewer sessions, you want to go harder than ever in those trips to the gym. So train more infrequently, but really elevate the intensity in those workouts, and then give your muscles plenty of time to rest.

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