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1 Week Workout Plan

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/31/2023

1 Week Workout Plan For Beginners

A great workout plan starts with choosing the right exercises and routines. This is actually not always easy taking into consideration that the vast range of work out programs to choose from keeps expanding each day.

Because of the increasing amount of men and women that wish to keep fit, a great deal of weight training personal trainers have emerged, each of whom promote their preferred workout plans.

This leaves the amateurs baffled over which plan works best for them. In case that you are experiencing the same predicaments, it is necessary that you think about carrying out a systematic analysis on the very best workout systems readily available.

In this short post I will give you a few complete all-round 1 week workout plan that many of my clients have used with great success. You simply start over on workout plan A the following week.

First 1 Week Workout Plan

WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
A 1. Leg Press 8-12 3
2. Calf Raise 8-12 3
3. Abs Crunches 8-12 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
B 4. Underhand Pull-down 8-12 3
5. Lower Back Hyper Extension 8-12 3
6. Abs Sit-up 8-12 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
C 7. Flyes Peck Deck 8-12 3
8. Delt Press 8-12 3
9. Abs Crunches 8-12 3

N.B.You train Workout A on Mondays. Workout B on Wednesdays, and finally Workout C on Fridays.

Aspects of a good 1 week workout plan

Before you decide to opt for a specific workout plan, there are several aspects you should look out for. Initially, you must evaluate the duration of your weight training workout system.

In contrast to the genuine body bodybuilding case, weight lifting plans are somewhat brief and intensive. A proper program in this particular scenario ought to take about 45 to 60 minutes.

Professional bodybuilders argue that a good bodybuilding workout program should definitely not be much more than 60 minutes in duration.

After 60 minutes, the glucose stored inside your muscle cells are seriously consumed. The level of catabolic hormones start to increase in your body. Basically, when you go beyond the strongly recommended work-out period of time, you wont be able to gain muscle tissue, especially because your body is releasing much more of your stored body fat for fuel.

Second 1 Week Workout Plan

WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
A 1. Bench Press 6-10 3
2. Incline Dumbbell Press 6-10 3
3. Incline Flyes 6-10 3
4. Biceps Curl 6-10 3
5. Biceps Preacher Curl 6-10 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
B 6. Deadlift 6-10 3
7. Squats 8-12 3
8. Leg Extension 8-12 3
9. Leg Curl 8-12 3
10. Calf Raise 8-12 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
C 11. Underhand Pull-down 6-10 3
12. Bent-over Barbell Row 6-10 3
13. Low Pulley Cable-row 6-10 3
14. One Arm Dumbbell Row 6-10 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
D 15. Delt Press 6-10 3
16. Delt Front Raise 6-10 3
17. Delt Rear Raise 6-10 3
18. Tricep Press-down 6-10 3
19. Close Grip Bench Press 6-10 3


Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun

Rest and recovery for consistent gains

A high-quality bodybuilding work out plan have to provide you satisfactory time to rest in between work outs. On top of that for you to acquire the greatest end results, you ought to keep rest between sets to a minimum of 90 seconds. But once more it based upon your style of exercising. In case you work out very weighty you evidently need much longer rest between sets.

A very good general rule is to rest just sufficient to catch your breath. This permits your body to continue functioning for a much longer time. Consequently this will enhance your resting heart rate and also general cardiovascular system health.

If you dont have time to stay in the workout room several hours a day, look into employing a suitable HIT muscle building workout program. You train less frequent, but with higher intensity which means more challenging. A study has already verified that this type of lifting workout process aids to stimulate growth hormones for better results.

The Important Nutrition

Least but not last, dont forget to integrate a fitting bodybuilding diet plan in your training protocol. Your muscles require to be fed healthy nutritious food to grow big and strong. Especially adequate protein. And the only way to reach this is to eat the correct food items in the right amount.

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