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Support Your Joints

It's true bodybuilders, powerlfiters and others involved 
in athletics cause a lot of stress, wear and tear on 
their joints.

Each and every workout you do subjects your joints and 
tendons to the work load volume of tons of w eight along 
with the wear and tear of stretching and contracting over 
and over again.

Today millions of people have joint disorders.

Joint supplements can aid in joint and connective tissue 
health and repair.

If you have been training hard for years, joint 
supplements can really make a big difference.

Even younger trainers should use joint support supplements 
to prevent future joint problems.

For the best joint support supplement go to Joint Flex

     Fitness Tips For 3/15/2017

How to Fix Shoulder Pain from Bench Press

Bench-pressing inflames the tendons on your deltoid; many bodybuilders who have spent a lot of time benching get a sudden impingement as the swollen tendons actually touch each other. It is usually when doing one specific movement like reaching for your wallet or something similar that you feel that stings of pain in your shoulder. The obvious swelling needs to be slowed down, whether you use ice or rest or both will depend on how severe the impingement was. To explain this impingement that happens in the shoulder we need to remember how your shoulder sits in a ball in socket joint, similar to your legs into your hips. Your many rotator cuff tendons that you have then rub against one another, on the roof of your ball in socket joint (the acromion). There are a few ways that you can speed up the healing of this "impingement" by trying to realign your tendons that lie so close to each other. The following treatment is recommended: 1. Band external rotation: Using a normal training band hold it with your elbow tucked into your side, with your arm at 90 degrees you rotate your forearm away from you for 2 X 10 reps. 2. Back burn: Lying face down you lift your arms at your sides to get to 90 degree angle making a T shape with thumbs up. Turning thumbs downwards you then move your arms in front of you to make a Y shape, with thumbs up, and then turning thumbs down as you bend your elbows making a W shape with thumbs up. That's one rep, you should do 6 reps. 3. Rear Cable Flyes: Using two opposing pulleys with a D ring attached you do a reverse fly, squeezing your shoulder blades together. 3 X 15-20 reps. 4. Lying External Rotation: Lying on your side you take a very light dumbbell and bend your arm holding the D/B to 90 degrees, rotating your forearm off the floor. 3 X 10-15 reps. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Fix Shoulder Pain from Bench Press

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