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Benefits of Split Training

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/10/2022

3 Benefits Of Doing Split Training

What Exactly Is Split Training?

Sprinkled throughout my website is split training, however I have never done a dedicated post to explain what exactly it is.  Some may think that split training is training to do splits with your legs.  I have never been able to do the splits I must say, so don’t worry this post is not dedicated to teaching you how to do them.  I am referring to something different which we will unpack in this post.  Split training is a basic in fitness, but no one ever really seems to call it out directly.  So lets unpack what split training is, the 3 main benefits of doing it, and I will provide a sample workout schedule for a week you can use with split training.

Defining Split Training

I am a huge advocate for total body training.  I think everyone should get in at least one total body training workout a week.  Split training is the opposite to total body training.  With split training you focus on certain muscle groups of your body per workout.  When I first started to lift weights and go to the gym 5-6 days a week years ago my method would be split training.  Split training works well with or without weights.  Now that you know what split training is, lets dive into the three main benefits of incorporating it into your workout routine.

  1. Split training allows you to focus on specific muscle groups per workout.  For example, you may have a workout that focuses primarily on legs and back.  Your workout will only focus on these muscle groups which allows you to have a much deeper workout in your muscle fibers.
  2. Split training increases variety.  By focusing on specific muscle groups instead of doing total body workouts you can increase the amount for variety per muscle group.  Throughout my blog there is tons of variety of exercises that you can do to help keep your workouts fresh and more effective.
  3. Split training can and does deliver more results in less time per muscle group.  By chopping up your body throughout the week you are making dedicated time to dive deep into your muscle fibers.  Having an arms day, or leg day, or whatever muscle group you use is a great way to get the desired results you want in less time.  A great way to cap off the week of your fitness routines is do a total body workout to go back and work all of those muscle groups in unison.

An Example Of A Split Training Workout Schedule

Here is an example of a bodyweight split training schedule that you can use to try it out.  The chances are likely that you are already doing split training, but you may not be doing this exact schedule.  Here is the example split training schedule:

Monday - Chest and Back

Tuesday - Legs and Core

Wednesday - Shoulders and Arms

Thursday - Interval Cardio

Friday - Total Body Workout

Closing Thoughts On Split Training

Split training is basic I know, but you can have so much variety with the weekly schedules, workouts, and exercises that it is nearly endless.  I have been using it for years and continue to use it especially if I want to focus on specific muscle groups to achieve a certain look or strength level.  Give split training a try and if you are already doing split training then change it up and add in total body workouts in the mix for variety.   Split training is both fun and challenging if you take the time to make it that way

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