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     Fitness Tips For 7/15/2015

Chest Back Superset Workout

Invincible Super Sets Someone once said (it may have been Arnold or Franco Columbu) that working the chest and back together made you feel invincible. And the chest/back superset is one of the best employments of the superset you can possibly perform. One professional bodybuilder pointed out that the use of these two exercises actually works to enhance each one, creating a synergistic effect that makes the whole much larger than the parts of the workout. And he noted that the inclusion of chin ups in a superset made the bench press more effective. The Super Superset How does it work? Start off with a good dynamic warm up of the chest and back area, then get into the working sets. Start off with the bench press, and then immediately follow it up with chin ups. Don't rest at all between the bench press and chin ups – simply step up and get into chinning right away. Take a short (1-2 minute) rest afterward, then do it again. Get in a few quick supersets and a super pump. Don't stop there, however. Jump into the next superset. Pair something like the decline bench press with power rowing. Again, you want to get in the chest movement and move onto the back lifting without any time elapsing between the two. One of the top superset pairings is chest and back and this dynamic duo acts to give the upper torso a mighty pump in a short period of time. Try this superset out sometime soon. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Chest Back Superset Workout

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