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Designing the Perfect Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/15/2019

Follow These Tips to Design Your Perfect HIT Workout

High-intensity training, or HIT, is popular with many lifters because it promises gains in muscle and strength without huge investments in time.

Sure, you have to put in the work, but HIT can help you get bigger and stronger if you do it right.

Like any program, though, HIT is not perfect, and it can present certain problems if you try to follow a cookie-cutter approach that does not suit your physique and recovery abilities.

The good news is that HIT is adaptable enough that you can mold it to your needs if you put some thought into the process. Here are some tips to help you build YOUR perfect HIT workout.

Exercise Selection

At its core, any good lifting routine is all about the exercises you pick and how you perform them. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your movements:

Exercise Performance

How you perform an exercise can be as important as WHICH exercise you do. Here are some tips to perfecting your reps:

Bodypart Split

Most HIT approaches recommend training your entire body in one shot, and that is a terrific way to go if you can swing it. It’s not written in stone, though, and these tips can help you decide whether (and how) to split your training.

Training Frequency

Speaking of training frequency, that’s another important consideration in building your workout. These tips can help:

With a little thought and creativity, you can build an HIT routine that will keep you gaining and happy to be heading to the gym.

Want Even More HIT Information?

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