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High Volume Arm Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/23/2023

Get Big Arms with Planned Overtraining

By Kevin Hodges

If you're looking to build big arms, then you need to focus on high-volume arm workouts. Read this article to learn more about how you can get big arms with planned overtraining.

This article is advocating overtraining, really?! Stop whining already!.

Serious gains require serious measures. Your body is an incredibly clever/powerful machine and it pretty much adapts to anything you throw at it. This means it is possible to build large amounts of muscle even if you’re an ectomorph like me. However, you need to give it a reason to adapt.

I gained 50lbs of muscle in 3 years, which weren’t newbie gains as I’d been lifting for several years previously. I was a typical hardgainer, so I wasn’t blessed with great genetics. I didn’t use steroids, so I took no shortcuts. But I smashed my body in the gym until it had no reason but to adapt.

For example, I obsessed over building gigantic arms. I wanted bulging biceps like the king – Arnold Schwarzenegger. I would watch pumping iron every day and his posters were plasted all over the walls in my bedroom. I was a good 8 inches short in arm circumference, but this didn’t stop me from dreaming. I once trained my arms for 25 hours in 5 days. Yep, I was literally obsessed with achieving jacked arms…and kinda crazy!

Here was my workout split for that week:

Monday: Arms (5 hours)

Tuesday: Arms (5 hours)

Wednesday: Arms (5 hours)

Thursday: Arms (5 hours)

Friday: Arms (5 hours)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

I named this workout split: Armageddon.

I would go at it for 2 and a half hours and then have a break. In that break I’d go to subway and smash down a couple of thousand calories, then I’d get back to the gym and do the same workout again for another 2 and a half hours.

My Results

I gained half an inch of muscle to my arms. This half an inch was solid muscle. I know this was lean muscle because during the 5 days:

– My body fat percentage stayed the same, thus there were no fat gains.

– My supplement stack stayed the same (no creatine added).

– My water intake stayed the same, meaning intracellular fluid (inside the muscle cell) remained unchanged.

But most importantly this half an inch has remained with me ever since, showing that these are permanent gains even when you drop the volume back down to normal. Half an inch may not seem like a lot but when this is lean muscle, it makes a massive difference visually. It may take a bodybuilder years and year to add half an inch of lean muscle to his arms. Once you’re past the newbie stage, it’s hard to make gains like these full stop.

These results may seem extraordinary to the average weight lifter, but they really aren’t. There’s a universal rule in life and that is: the more you do something, the better you become at it. Or in bodybuilding terms, the more you do an exercise, the better equipped you become to perform it. You may have heard of Charles Poliquin, who created something called “The One Day Arm Cure”. This basically consisted of doing 8 hours of solid arm work in 1 day.

Many people dismissed this methodology as absolute madness and broscience, but you’ll see there are a few people who have actually tried this (yes I have done this one too – shock!). And on average they each gained approximately half an inch on their arms. Again this gained size wasn’t temporary swelling or pump, this was permanent muscle that stayed with them for weeks/months after. Just have a quick search for “arm cure on google and you’ll see posts from guys on forums who have made great gains from this crazy workout.

From my experience and others, your arms will grow roughly half an inch for every 10 hours of arm work (in the space of a week). That’s if you’re the average person and usually do 1 hour of arms a week or less. However, if you’re like me where my body is used to doing really high volume, my gains will be less. That’s why I did 25 hours of arms in one week, yet only gained half an inch. The same as those who did just 8 hours.

Arm Exercises

I did 1 and a half hours of continuous triceps, then 1 and a half hours of continuous biceps. Had a break, then repeated it.

Here are the list of exercises I did:

Triceps: Diamond pushups, dips, v bar pushdowns, rope pushdowns, tricep extensions.

Biceps: Hammer curls, barbel curls (wide grip), barbell curls (close grip), concentration curls.

It’s important to note that these 5 days will fry your central nervous system causing you to overtrain. So make sure after these 5 days you eat plenty of food, get plenty of sleep and take a week off the gym. This is the concept of planned overtraining. Try it out if you’re brave enough and be sure to report back with your increased gun measurements!

Note: For information on how to do volume training the right way see https://www.trulyhuge.com/MuscleExpress.html

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