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     Fitness Tips For 11/27/2013

How Many Warm Up Sets Should You Do?

Pump Up the Warm Up Do you find that your opening sets in a weight workout routine are getting harder and harder to perform? As you get older, it takes a little longer to hit that "sweet spot" where your muscles are raring to go. Your prime sets may seem more painful to perform than they have in the past. There is one tool you can employ to get a better start to your workouts - a longer warm up session. Many guys are so eager to get into the heavy duty working sets that they marginalize the warm up. That's a mistake, and becomes an ever bigger mistake as you get older. Even the pros face the need to adjust for a longer warm up. For instance, the great Sergio Olivia once pointed out in a magazine interview that as he got a bit older he found it necessary to greatly increase his warm up prior to the working sets. Adding an extra set or two for warming up is not a waste of time but vital necessity for maximizing your working sets. And that is what you want - to have your muscles fully primed for prime time. If it takes an extra set or two during the warm up period, then it is well worth it. For movements such as the bench press and the squat, where a heavy weight load is placed on the body in a compromised position, you absolutely want to have the body as warm up as possible. Your body performs best when it has had its temperature raised a degree in preparation for the event. It is also vital to get in a little more rather than less warm up time for explosive movements, such as the power clean. That's because you are putting maximum stress on the body with both muscle and momentum. And lifts such as the barbell curl, which place a heavy load on the elbow, also require more warm up time. Getting the body warm and the joints ready to go is important. It doesn't take much to put the extra warm up into place. If you normally warm up with a couple of sets before hitting your routine, add one to two more sets if you have been feeling the pain a bit in your training. And add more support to your preparation by adding one more day of stretching during the week. The combination of more warm up time and an additional day devoted specifically to stretching will greatly improve the productivity of your training sessions and keep you in the iron game a lot longer than the average trainee who doesn't do them. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How Many Warm Up Sets Should You Do?

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