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     Fitness Tips For 6/13/2012

Alternating Light and Heavy Workouts

There are both simple and complicated reasons why you should combine
various workouts using light and heavy weights. It goes without 
saying that lighter weights obviously mean more reps and even more 
sets if you are going to keep the current overall intensity of your 

There are basically two types of muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) 
that you can get from pumping iron on a regular basis. The first is
the standard working out with reps less than ten in a set which is 
called "sarcomere hypertrophy" by the sports scientists and it means
that the fast twitch or white muscle fibers will get stimulated 

However there is also the slow twitch muscle fibers or red muscle 
fibers that need and should be stressed on a regular basis. This is 
going to happen when you do lots of reps like more than 12 and this
means that you will be getting the mechanical stimulation in order 
to sufficiently stress these slow twitch muscles to get results.

We all know that to build muscle it takes progressive resistance and
that basically means mechanical stimuli which leads to cell damage 
which then results in a clean up and repair of the damaged cells and
the result is cell growth. The reason why the cells grow is to be 
able to accommodate the stress the next time it is given.

There are basically two schools of thought on how these heavy and 
light workouts should be combined. The one school of thought will 
tell you that you should only train heavy a maximum of once a week
and the rest of the week to train "light" which means no less than 
ten reps per set.

But there is another school of thought who believes that you will 
get the best benefits by combining light and heavy in the same 
workout. What this could mean is that you start off training 20 reps
then 15 then 12 increasing the weight all the time. Then you start 
going seriously heavy as you add more weight and go to 8, 6, 5, and 
even 3 reps.

But after all the constant debate that is always going on about the 
best way to combine heavy and light, it seems that science has still
not proved its effectiveness one way or another. What this means is 
that you should try both methods and see which works better for you 
and gets you the best results.

It should be noted that the people who say that you should only 
train heavy once a week actually mean that you should only train one 
body part heavy once a week. This means that when you fail on bench 
press with 5 reps or less that you then train back or legs heavy a 
week later and not chest again. 

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Alternating Light and Heavy Workouts

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