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     Fitness Tips For 5/14/2014

Maximize Workout Recovery

maximize workout recovery
Double Dipping – Key to Maximizing Your Post Workout Recovery Most people who work out are cognizant of the need to refuel the muscles after a hard workout. However, most are not aware of the "double dip" factor for enhancing the building up of the muscles after a workout. Since resistance training exercise is closely associated with a significant decrease in muscle glycogen due to the stressful nature of the exercise (for example, 3 sets of biceps curls performed to failure can stimulate a 25% reduction in muscle glycogen) those who perform hard resistance training are wise if they focus on replacing those lost energy stores. That's because a reduction in muscle glycogen can cause the next workout to bomb in a big way if the glycogen is not effectively replaced. And if you lose 25 percent from curls, imagine what a few hard sets of squats or deadlifts do to your glycogen levels! The only adequate way to address that situation is with quality and timely refueling. Repair is key factor Registered dietitian Jean Storlie notes that "bodies have a lot of work to do to repair tissues that took a beating during exercise and replenish energy stores that are depleted. In addition, during periods of intense training and competition, when there is little time to recover between workouts, post-exercise nutrition becomes an even more important factor in enhancing performance and preventing injury." Replenishment, in the right way, is vital. But were you aware that it is a two step process? That is, if you want to maximize the rebuilding effect, don't stop at a single load. Research from the University of Ontario, Canada, has shown that a recommended dose of carbohydrates (0.5 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight) immediately after a workout and again at one hour after the exercise has a beneficial effect on protein metabolism by decreasing breakdown and enhancing retention. Eating carbs, especially those specific high glycemic types that are digested and assimilated rapidly, really expedites workout recovery. Getting those carbs is crucial. However, carbs alone won't be enough. You need a mix of protein and carbs to fully refuel the muscles. The best post workout recovery comes from a mix of protein and carbs. How much protein? The research points to a 20-25 gram intake after training for maximum results. You want your carbs mixed in with 20-25 grams of quality protein. Make the first intake of the carb/protein mix a liquid shot. That's because liquids digest and get to work quicker. For your second intake, about an hour or two later, you can go ahead and have solids, such as a meal of eggs, cottage cheese, etc. By doubling up on your refueling effort, you can make the maximum recovery from your workouts and get the growth going again as fast as possible. You can arrest the muscle glycogen depletion by smart nutrition, and by attacking the issue frequently after the workout is over. i Haff, Stone, etc., The Effects of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Multiple Sessions and Bouts of Resistance Exercise·Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, May. 1999, p.111 ii Jean Storlie, the Art of Refueling· Training & Conditioning, April 1998, p. 32 Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Maximize Workout Recovery

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