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     Fitness Tips For For 10/5/2011

Power Cleans Benefits for Bodybuilding

Power Cleans for Explosive Strength and Size

Power cleans are one of the most effective full-body exercises to 
date. They are usually suited for athletic trainees, but can be 
beneficial for anyone looking to gain power and strength. And yes, 
you heard right. This exercise will BLAST your power, strength, 
size and overall explosiveness. I can't bare to keep repeating that
you will gain a lot of explosive power, literally. By doing this 
exercise, it'll help boost your gains and sky rocket your level of 
fitness. Though the gains and benefits are great, they do come at a 
price however.

Power cleans is one of the most difficult exercises to do, especially
with heavy weight. It takes more than just physical strength, but 
also a high mental aptitude. I've had many trainees come in at my 
disposal only to find out by the end of the session that power cleans
is their least favorite exercise. I believe that power cleans is a 
true testament of power and the will to succeed your goals. Power 
cleans has the ability to weed out the real men from the boys. By all 
means, if you can learn to cope and love the art of power cleans, 
great things will come as they have for me. By doing power cleans, 
you will strengthen your mind, body and soul. I might sound like I'm
preaching, but it's the truth. If you don't believe me, try it for 
yourself. Here’s out to start:

Position yourself in front of the bar with your feet planted shoulder
width apart. Keep your toes and knees pointed in the same direction 
straight ahead, partially under the bar. As you squat down to the 
bar, be sure to keep your back straight and not arched. Position your
grip preferably slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your 
thumb wrapped under the bar. Before you start to lift, squeeze the 
bar tight and try to keep a strong grip throughout the whole set. As 
you begin to lift, start out by pushing up with your legs as the 
launching phase. And then when the bar comes to the waist area, press
 up on your toes and push with your calves. When the bar reaches the 
mid-abdomen section, curl your wrists over and snap the bar back 
using your back and shoulders. When you’re at this point, lower back 
down and reverse the same way you did as you came up.

If you're a beginner trainee, you'll probably notice that there are a
lot of things to remember while performing this exercise. But that's 
why it's so great is because it's not easy to do. Of course, when 
you're first starting out, you'll want to start out really light. 
You'll want to start out light just so you can get used to the 
movement itself. And as you perfect your form, you can start to 
progressively go heavy from there. But be sure to keep the pace 
steady, you don't want to go overboard and end up injuring yourself. 
And most importantly, have a spotter with you at all times. Like most
compound exercises, power cleans have a lot of open spots where the 
potential to get hurt is really high. So learn the form, have a 
spotter, and go heavy. Also, keep your repetitions at around 8-10 to
start off. Then once you establish your goals, you can adjust your
reps in correlation to your fitness goals.

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Power Cleans Benefits for Bodybuilding

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