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     Fitness Tips For 6/12/2013

Reverse Pyramid Training Workout

So what exactly is a reverse pyramid training workout and why do so
many bodybuilders and lifters seem to be attached to it? Well this 
training is when you do sets of each exercise and you do the heaviest 
set first. It's the opposite really of what other workouts entail. 
In other workouts you usually end with your heaviest set, but in 
this type of training you begin with it.

To begin with I need to impress upon you that you need to first 
warm up in the proper way before you lift heavy. If you don't you
will run the risk of pulling a muscle or another possible extensive 
injury as well.

So you warm up and then you start with a around 50% of your heaviest
set and then build up to 80%. And the you do your top set with has 
you focusing  doing as many reps as you can out with as much weight 
as possible. 

By doing this you are really focusing and by the final rep you are 
really pushing to make it. If you are not pushing by the very end, 
then you are doing something wrong, for example using too light a
weight for ending the set too soon. After your heaviest set reduce 
by at least 10% to 20% and then on your third set reduce by at least 
10% to 20% again.

Here is an example of what I'm trying to explain to you. Let's say 
in the bench press you use 100kg and you are doing 6-8 reps. Warm 
up with the bar for 10 reps and 50 kg for 8 reps. Than I would do 60kg 
and 70 kg and then do 80 kg for one rep and then rest for 3 minutes 
and then do 100kg for as many reps as possible.

After resting for 2-3 minutes educe the kg by 10-25% and repeat the
exercise but do at least one more than the previous set. Then rest 
and repeat the process one more time for the final count, always 
doing at least one more rep than the last time.

Each time you make at least 8 reps on your heaviest set you then need
to increase the weight. Work your way up from 1kg to 2.5 kg. 

The main goals of this type of training are to increase your 
strength, muscle mass and endurance all in one workout.

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Reverse Pyramid Training Workout

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