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Single Set vs Multiple Set Training

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/6/2021

What Do Studies Really Say About Single-Set Workouts?

If you want to start a HUGE argument the next time you walk into the gym, you just need to throw out a simple question: which is better, multiple-set or single-set workouts?

Unless you happen to train with ONLY hardcore devotees of high-intensity training, or HIT, you’re sure to get passionate responses at both ends of the set-count spectrum. The one-setters will tell you that their methods are the only ones that make logical sense, while the multiple-set crowd will tell you that you need to “pump up the volume” in order to build real muscle.

While this debate has raged for decades and shows no signs of slowing down, we can turn to scientific studies to get an idea of which method really is better for building muscle and strength.

But first, a couple of definitions to set the stage.

Single-Set v. Multiple-Set Workouts

The term “single-set workout” is a bit of a misnomer, because hardly anyone does just one set and calls it a day. Rather, the real debate stems from whether you should perform one set or multiple sets per exercise.

The one-set supporters will tell you that taking a set to momentary muscular failure is the ONLY way to be sure that you have stimulated the muscle enough to force it to grow. What’s more, they say, once you have stimulated the muscle in such a fashion, there is no reason to do it again.

Hence, they preach performing only one set per exercise, though even most one-setters will concede that most muscle groups need multiple exercises to hit all available muscle fibers from all the angles.

Multiple-set trainers, on the other hand, insist that muscle growth comes from overall fatigue during a period of time, and NOT just from reaching a point of failure. To achieve this, along with the pump that might also contribute to growth, they argue that you need to perform more than one set per exercise.

What the Studies Say

Luckily, us gym rats aren’t the only ones debating this issue, and scientists have been studying the effects of training volume fairly regularly over the last couple of decades.

In 2002, researchers from Arizona State University reviewed 16 of these studies and found that training with three sets per exercise yields statistically better results in strength and mass increases than training with just one set per exercise.

The same researchers followed that up with another meta-analysis the next year, this time examining more than 140 studies. They found that four sets per exercise, on average, produced the best training results.

Then, in 2010, JW Krieger examined eight strength-training studies with an eye specifically on the hypertrophy effects of set volume per exercise. He found that two or three sets per exercise could produce up to 40% better results, in terms of muscle growth, than single-set training, at least for the subjects involved in these studies.

On the other hand, a 2011 study by English scientists, found no differences in strength or lean body mass gains between subjects engaged in one-set training or multiple-set training . Similarly, A 2001 review by researchers in Virginia found that two or three weight-training sessions a week , each lasting only 15-20 minutes, would deliver all of the health benefits of longer, more involved routines.

Are Single-Set Workouts Better?

It’s easy to see why lifters still argue over the number of sets we should be performing, since even science hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion.

What we can say, based on the available research, is that multiple sets per exercise will likely yield better results for most lifters than single-set training, assuming good nutrition and adequate recovery between workouts.

Even if that IS the case, though, we should keep in mind that most of the studies showing superior results from multiple-set training found the differences to be statistically significant, but not dramatic. What that means in practice is that adding a couple of extra sets of curls to your workout may help your arms look a little better, but will not turn a set of pipe cleaners into twin pythons.

Many bodybuilders have found that single-set training is indeed an efficient training method that delivers most of the full benefits of weight-training in a compacted time frame. For most, single-set training will take you a long way towards your physique goals, but you may need to add volume (sets) at some point in your training career if you want to reach an absolute physical peak.

Note: For information on how to do volume training the right way see https://www.trulyhuge.com/MuscleExpress.html

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