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Andro Shock Results

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John Harris

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     Fitness Tips For 4/29/2015

The Magic Number of Reps

If you are typical, you perform the standard amount of reps, and this means a range of 8-10. You might do some powerlifting reps (1-5) on occasion but not stray too far from the tried and true. But there is another option that might surprise you a higher rep range. Twenty is plenty There is a repetition range that has been proven effective for packing on muscle size and it may surprise you at how high it is. The twenty rep range has proven to be a great mark for adding muscle several decades ago it was featured in the bulking approach for the squat. The use of 20 reps of breathing squats, along with a good dose of milk, was used to pack on plenty of pounds of muscle. The twenty rep range seemed to be ideal for forcing the body to become larger when applied to the squat. But that doesn't mean that other exercises can't also be used with a twenty rep count. In fact the magazine Hardgainer often touted the twenty rep bench press as a good tool for strengthening the chest. And you can also try the twenty rep range on other areas such as the dip, bent row, curl and military press. The twenty rep range is so radical that it shocks a body that has become accustomed to the eight rep workout. And that shock translates into new growth. The body responds to outsized stimulus like the twenty reps by providing an outsized build up of muscle just what you want. Go to Muscle Express Training Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
The Magic Number of Reps

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