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       Fitness Tips For 1/19/2005

The Best Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Powder

The Future Of Supplements Is Here!

"I am hoping supplement companies will start looking at the 
reaction of supplements already in existence. For example, 
taking two highly potent supplements and combining them 
into different stacks and mixes so they produce more than 
the two would by themselves. For example, we know that the 
addition of dextrose increases the absorption rate of 
creatine. In this case 2+2 doesn't equal 4. It equals more 
like 6 or 7."

Bryan Kernan from the book "Supplement Secrets Revealed"
See https://www.trulyhuge.com/SupplementSecrets    

An Exclusive Interview With Daniel Gastelu, M.S., MFS, 
Director of Nutritional Sciences of the International Sports 
Sciences Association (ISSA), author, trainer of fitness 
trainers, and sports nutrition and dietary supplement 
industry expert.  

Q. Tell us a little about your background in sports nutrition.
A. I first became interested in sports nutrition when I was 13 
years old, and began lifting weights to increase muscle mass 
and strength for football and wrestling. This was back in 1970. 
After reading the magazines and books about nutrition, diet 
and resistance training during my high school years, I was 
curious about the seemingly infinite number of approaches to 
accomplish the simple goal of increasing lean muscle mass and 
strength gains. I was so into fitness, that I even founded 
the schools first Physical Fitness club. 

I eventually became a scientist, and during the 1970’s started 
to create a scientifically based sports nutrition model. This 
eventually lead to the development of my Dynamic Nutrition 
Approach to sports nutrition, which is the only truly scientific 
approach to sports nutrition, and is based in muscle anatomy and 
physiology, and biochemistry. I also was the key scientist behind 
the development of numerous dietary supplement and sports 
nutrition products, including experimenting with the strength 
improvement and muscle building effects of Creatine, which I 
obtained from Europe in the mid 1980’s, and may other substances. 

In the 1990’s I created the Specialist In Performance Nutrition 
Course for the International Sports Sciences Association, in 
collaboration with Dr. Fred Hatfield. This is based on my Dynamic 
Nutrition Approach. Recently, I was motivated to create a new 
kind of sports nutrition company, called Sports Nutrition Pharmacy 
that creates products never before possible, using the same high 
quality techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry to create 
research grade compounds.  

Q. What is the purpose of the Sports Nutrition Pharmacy ?

A. Sports Nutrition Pharmacy was actually inspired by the 
requests of thousands of people who I encountered over the years 
through my seminars. As I taught them about sports nutrition, and 
the cutting-edge science of research based sports nutrition, 
everybody wanted to be part of it. They wanted to get these super 
effective, customized products. They wanted products based on the 
most recent science, and also products with time-tested 
ingredients. They want highly specialized blends that were not 
otherwise possible through conventional retail store brands. The 
Sports Nutrition Pharmacy is a dream come true. It allows for 
the first time, the ability to make highly specialized, 
research grade sports nutrition supplements at a commercial 
scale. It also allows for making the most scientifically 
advanced products based on the most recent cutting-edge 
Q. What is this new supplement you developed?
A. Based on my ongoing work as a scientist, author, and consultant 
in the sports nutrition industry, it became apparent that most 
of the products available at retail were extremely incomplete. 
This is especially true of the single to several ingredient 
products. But let be clear on this point, many of these 
ingredients are effective, it is just that they are much more 
effective when formulated in the right combinations, to produce 
total body building effects. This also means using the highest 
quality ingredients, not just pharmaceutical grade (which is more 
about purity), but a giant step beyond this, using a whole new 
standard of product quality, called research grade. Research grade 
considers both purity and effectiveness, meaning, dosages that 
work, in combinations that produce truly synergistic muscle 
building effects. This product produces muscle building effects 
never before possible, and so powerful that after it was 
developed and tested, the name "Explosive Growth Blend" seemed 
to be a logical fit. 
Q. What's in it?
A. Anabolic nutrients, testosterone boosters, GH elevators, IGF-1 
promoters, amino acids, highest quality pure whey protein isolate 
no concentrate), BCAA’s, hemodialators, RG-Creatine, CLA, 
glutamine, all the other essential and non-essential amino acids, 
anabolic and energy producing vitamins and minerals, OKG, 
anti-catabolic agents, ACL and carnitine, Ferulic acid, flavonoids, 
thermogenics, and much more. 

Supplement Facts: Total Daily Serv Size: 225cc (134.5grams), Total Daily 
Servings: 21, Amount Per Daily Serving: Calories 357, Fat Cal 45, Total 
Fat 5g, Sat. Fat < 1g, Cholest. 4mg (1% DV), Sodium 49mg (2% DV), 
Potassium 131mg (4%DV), Total carb. 50g, Fiber < 1g, Sugars (from 
dextrose) 40g, Protein (from purified Whey Protein Isolate) 24g 
(48% DV). Vitamin A (acetate) 2500 IU (50%DV), Vitamin C 30 mg 
(50% DV), Calcium 431mg (43% DV), Vitamin E 15IU (50% DV), Vitamin 
K 40mcg (50% DV), Thiamin 1.5mg (100% DV), Riboflavin 1.7mg 
100% DV), Niacin 10mg (50% DV), Vitamin B6 2mg (100% DV), Folate 
200mcg (50% DV), Biotin 100mcg (30% DV), Phosphorus 220mg (22% DV), 
Zinc (gluconate) 7mg (47% DV), Selenium (methionine) 70mcg 
(100% DV), Copper (gluconate) 2mg (100% DV), Manganese (gluconate) 
2mg (100% DV), Chromium (picolinate) 200mcg (133% DV), Molybdenum 
(amino acid chelate) 75mcg (100% DV) Explosive Growth Blend™ 
Proprietary Anabolic Complex 65.6g: Amino Acid Blend [Leucinol
BCAAPlex™ (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), GlutamiPlex™ (Glutamine 
& Glutamic Acid), ArginolRx™ (Arginine HCl & Arginine AKG), 
AminoBalancePlex™  (Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glycine, 
Histidine, Hydroxylysine, Hydroxyproline, Lysine, Methionine, 
Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Taurine, Threonine, Trypotophan, 
Tyrosine)], RG-Creatine™ monohydrate,  CLAPlex™ [Conjugated 
Linoleic Acid (c-9, t-11), Conjugated Linolein Acid (c-10, c-12), 
Linoleic Acid (c-9, c-12), & Oleic Acid (c-9)] , Ornithine 
Alpha-keto-glutarate (OKG), CarnitinolPLex™ (Acetyl-L-Carnitine 
(ACL) & L-Carnitine Fumarate, Glucosamine HCl), 
FlavanoidolComplex ™(Citrus Bioflavonoids & Green Tea Extract 
50% polyhenols)), Leci-PC 35 (35% phosphatidylcholine), Ferulic 
Acid, Silica.

Q. Wow, seems like it's got it all! What's it do?
A. Just about everything all of the individual muscle building 
products do, but better from including all of the ingredients 
needed for total body building effects. Not just NO2 stimulators,
 or just creatine or just growth hormone stimulators. Yes all of 
these are included, and much more, in order to fully activate 
the anabolic cascade and protein synthesis pathways. 
Explosive Growth Blend includes all of the anabolics, muscle 
building, connective tissue building, bone building, 
neuro-optimizing, vasoactive and hemodialating substances, plus 
essential cofactors that are most often missing from cheaper 
products available in stores. Bringing all of these ingredients 
together in one formula is made possible using my proprietary 
SynerBlend™ technology.  

Explosive Growth Blend also contains thermogenic and fat 
metabolizing factors. This is important, because burning fat 
also helps elevate the anabolic hormones to further enhance 
the muscle building effects. These super-anabolic synergistic 
effects are not possible with conventional formulas, and I 
only have seen such effects from professional bodybuilders 
taking every supplement available, plus anabolic d rugs, and 
easily spending up to $2,500 a month in the process.  
Q. Are you suggesting Explosive Growth Blend is better then

A. It is much more comprehensive and effective then steroids, 
due to the total body building effects, plus activating the 
protein synthesis pathways; steroids do not do this. EGB 
triggers several anabolic growth pathways in your body 
simultaneously, plus activates the neuro-control center that 
is one of the key factors to total body building results.  

Q. How much can someone expect to gain?
A. Well I’m 47 years old, and gained 8 pounds of lean body mass 
in just 6 weeks, resistance training only 4 days a week, for 
30 to 45 minute sessions. A combination of independent studies 
on the ingredients, also supports that several pounds of lean 
body mass can be expected in a few to several weeks. Generally 
speaking I don’t like to throw numbers at people, due to the fact 
that everybody has a different muscle gaining potential. What I 
do claim for sure is that you will gain the most amount of muscle 
mass yet, compared to any other product(s) you have tried. 
Explosive Growth Blend increases the rate of muscle growth, and 
also has potent anti-catabolic effects. It boosts all of the 
anabolic substances your body produces, plus provides essential 
nutrients and building blocks vital to growth and repair of all 
your body’s tissues; muscle, cartilage, bone, etc. EGB also 
greatly enhances the functionality of your nervous and circulatory 
systems. It makes all of your cells better at turning nutrients 
in to tissue substances, also better at producing energy (ATP) 
which is critical to rapid muscle growth, and also for maximum 
muscle contractions for great workouts. This creates a 
hyper-anabolic internal environment that responds unbelievably 
well to resistance training. EGB will also help boost 
performance for athletes competing in strength sports. It will 
certainly get you pumped and much more. 
Q. What happens when someone stops taking it, will they lose what 
they gained while on it?
A. Unlike anabolic steroids, and other anabolic d rugs, Explosive 
Growth Blend creates real tissue growth, and the gains are 
maintained with as little as one high intensity workout for each
muscle group a week. Explosive Growth Blend also has residual 
muscle building effects, which last 2 or more weeks after you 
stop taking it. But, once you start taking Explosive Growth Blend, 
you will not want to stop taking it. It is the only muscle 
building supplement I have ever taken where I feel an anabolic 
surge, and anabolic high, as well as an incredible physical and 
psychological high. I have awesome energy levels too.
Q. Are there any side effects?
A. There are no dangerous side effects expected. However, as with 
any ingestible product some people will respond differently if 
they have food allergies, or are taking d rugs. So, only healthy 
people should use Explosive Growth Blend. Also, this stuff is so 
potent that it takes your body about a week to get used to 
digesting it. Therefore, first time users have to go through an 
initiation period the first week, during which they start with a 
fraction of a total daily dosage, and work their way up to a full 
daily level of intake, a whooping 134.5 grams a day, spread 
out over 3 divided dosages a day.  
Q. Is it safe also for women or t eenagers?
A. It should be safe for them, but because of the super-anabolic 
effects, I do not recommend that women take it. EGB was designed 
for adult males, with intermediate to advanced resistance training 
experience, and competitive strength athletes. It is much more 
then you can get from store brands. This is real macho man muscle 
building stuff. Not like the hyped up, watered down mass-market 
products you find on the retail store shelves. 

Q. What is the dosage?
A. The full daily dosage is 134.5 grams of powder, mixed with 
water or milk, taken in 3 divided dosages a day, before 
breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Q. It is cycled?
A. Yes. The cycles depend on what your budget permits, the 
shortest on cycle is 3 weeks, the longest on cycle 12 weeks: 
3 weeks on, 1 week off; 6 weeks on 2 weeks off; 9 weeks on, 3 
weeks, off, and 12 weeks on, 4 weeks off. The ingredients have 
been shown to be safe for continuous use of a year or more, 
however, the cycling is necessary due to the significant 
muscle building and total body growth effects. 
Q. When it the best time to take it?
A. 30 to 60 minutes before meals. 
Q. How long does a bottle last?
A. 3 weeks or a little longer for first time users because they 
have to take partial dosages during the first week of using 
Explosive Growth Blend to get they digestive system used to the 
potent blend of ingredients. 
Q. What's it cost? And where can you get it?
A. The suggested retail price is $159 for a 2,824.5 gram (6.3 pound) 
jug. It lasts 21 days at the full daily dosage level, and a few 
days more for first time users who have to go through the initiation 
dosage period. You can take EGB in on cycles of 3 weeks to 12 weeks. 
Also, to ensure freshness and quality, Explosive Growth Blend is 
only available directly from Sports Nutrition Pharmacy. It is not 
sold through stores.   
Q. Can you offer a special deal for my newsletter subscribers?
A. Yes. Because I want your subscribers to experience phenomenal 
results of this customized product, the special deal is as follows: 
40% off the suggested retail price when you purchase one jug of 
Explosive Growth Blend, that’s just $97.00. Keep in mind that 
if you tried to purchase the supplements separately, it would 
cost over $300.00, and it still would not give you the same 
effects as EGB will. 

For more info go to: https://www.trulyhuge.com/explosivegrowthblend.htm   

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