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Actualize Your Muscular Potential In One Year!

Without a doubt, Mike Mentzer was one of the most intelligent 
bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding platform, and one 
of the most controversial. 

Mike Mentzer (Mr. Universe) claimed that an individual could 
realize his or her genetic potential in one year! See and hear
him align his reasons, deliver the unassailable logic, 
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should require very little time. Although controversial, one 
must admit that Mentzer stimulates thought like no other 
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     Fitness Tips For 9/14/2005 

The Once a Week Workout Blast!
By Patrick L. Deu Pree Lifetime bodybuilder

Once a week? Train once a week and make gains? Heresy! Absolute 
training heresy! Or maybe not. For those of you who have read my 
articles before you know I have used a bit of creative license 
in my advice about working out. For instance I suggested a 
rotating three days a week program where one could workout on a 
split routine and still have more time to recover. It also worked 
well for married people with little time to train. 

I'm going back a ways in time right now to 1975, thirty years ago 
as of this writing. I had a basic, back room gym, squat racks, 
Olympic barbell, heavy duty bench. I trained there three days a 
week and practiced martial arts on the other days. I also 
instructed my friends who were my "gym members." My advice was, 
"workout three days a week at least and always concentrate on the 
basics first, bench press, squats, power cleans, deadlifts, etc. 
I had this friend named Dave Kong. Dave was a student at San 
Francisco State College at the time and he had a pretty busy 
schedule. He was a bit out of shape, he did some push ups on the 
morning but he really didn't look in shape. I would beg him to 
come by my back room gym to work out three days a week after 
school. He said he was pretty busy but I kept on him. Finally he
relented but said he could only come by on Friday to workout. I 
said he was wasting his time but if that's what he wanted to do 
then he could. 

He began working out on Friday evenings. I continued on my regular 
schedule along with my other members but I decided to watch Dave 
closely to see what happened. I began to notice a change! He 
started growing, using more weight in his exercises, his chest 
grew, his arms grew, I couldn't believe it. 

I moved south from the bay area in 1978 and trained both at the 
Glendale YMCA and at Gold's Gym with was at the time located in 
Santa Monica on Second Street. I was in my very early thirties 
and I trained three times a week, as usual. I started working at 
hard construction labor and I was so knocked out I found I had 
no energy to go to the gym after work. I remembered Dave. I 
decided at the time to go to the gym on Saturdays. The first 
Saturday I could hardly get through even three basic exercises. 
The second week I made it through the entire routine but barely. 
The third week I sailed through and the forth week I actually 
began seeing strength gains! Wow! It worked.

I eventually returned to the usual three day a week workout 
using the rotation two way split rotation program. I did high 
sets in those days and I began to notice that my joints, 
especially my elbows began to hurt. I was 35 years old now. 
Also, I noticed that I was not always able to do as much 
workout to workout like I had always been able to do in my 
20s and earlier 30s. I began to re-read my IRONMAN MAGAZINES, 
these were the older onespublished by Peary Rader. I read 
articles by Mike Mentzer, Bradley J. Steiner and a new writer 
named Stuart McRobert. I decided to change my training. I did 
a light whole body routine on Wednesday and a heavier whole
body routine on Saturday mornings. I put on twenty extra 
pounds of muscle in no time at all. The pain in my elbows 
went away. 

As I got into my 40s my schedule began to change, I got busier, 
took on more and more responsibilities and found that sometimes 
I could only get into the gym once a week so on that one day a 
week I really hit it hard. Brief but intense the way Mike 
Mentzer described in his articles, basic, the way Stuart 
McRobert and Bradley J. Steiner suggested. I kept all my 
muscle bulk.

In my late forties I continued to train the same way, either 
at Gold's Gym North Hollywood or at World Gym, Venice where 
I would go and sometimes visit my good friend Chuck Pendleton, 
also known as Gordon Mitchell in the Hercules movies and 
spaghetti western fame. 

I am now in my fifties, even more responsibilities, I am a 
supervisor at my job now, I also go to Glendale College, 
which I have done for the past twelve years. I workout mainly 
at home in my garage which is fully equipped with cast iron 
weights, a basic bench, lat machine and squat rack, all 
that's really needed. Below is my present routine. It keeps 
me going. I also have added bicycling which I do about twice 
to three times a week, going back and forth to my job. 

Bench Press 2x5

Dumbbell Incline Press 2x6-10

Squats 1x15

Stiff Legged Deadlift 1x12

Dumbbell Shrugs 1x20

Lat Pull to Chest 2x8-10

Standing Military Press2x5-8

Straight Bar Curls
Supersetted with 
Tricep Pushdowns 2x8-12

Four Way Neck
Exercise with headstrap 20 each way

Forearm curls 
Supersetted with 
Reverse forearm curls 20 - 60 reps.

That's about it, it takes about an hour to get through this 
routine, at times I work up in doubles and singles in the 
bench press and squats. I have made some adjustments, I can
no longer do power cleans or behind the neck presses. I lead
a busy life, balanced between work, exercise and relaxation.
Try this routine if you are pressed for time, you might see 
some extra gains. Good luck.

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