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     Fitness Tips For 7/10/2013

How to Get The Most Out of Your Chest Workout

Turbo-Charge Your Chest

The bench press is certainly a vital part of building your chest but
you can also gain traction in moving ahead by paying attention to 
how you perform other movements as well. Certain movements can really 
turbo-charge your chest training. One of these exercises is the 
dumbbell fly. The dumbbell fly can pack on a lot of muscle to your 
pecs - if you perform them right. Unfortunately many people don't.

The best way to make the most of the dumbbell fly is to keep constant 
tension on the pectoral muscles. The manner in which to do this is to 
stop the dumbbells at the point where they start to come together at 
the top of the range. By bringing them together you allow the tension
to come off the chest muscles. Conversely, if you halt the upward and 
inward movement at about 10 inches from letting the dumbbells touch 
each other, you keep the weight load on the muscles, which leads to 
better stimulation.

On the downstroke of the fly you want to go deep but not allow a 
rest there either. That is, you want to start the upward stroke 
quickly. Move the weight up at a moderate pace, keeping pressure on 
the chest all the way. The bottom line - you want to keep the chest 
muscles under constant, painful pressure.

To add another twist into the dumbbell fly, situate the bench press 
angle up slightly. Not as high as the standard incline position (45 
degrees), which gets the shoulders involved too much, but a low 
angle such as 20-30 degrees. This low angle will tilt the body 
upward slightly and work the upper area of the pecs very well. Use 
the same mechanics (non-lock, 10 inch separation at the top, deep 
drop and quick out at the bottom) as you do with the standard 
dumbbell fly.

Start the fly style work with the standard flat flys, then add in a 
few sets of the low incline flys. You may have to use a slightly 
lighter weight load on the incline fly sets.

Wrap up your work on the pecs with a couple of sets of higher 
repetition (12-15) sets on the pec dec machine. That is, take care 
of all your dumbbell work first, then blow out the chest with the 
final two pump sets. Again, a deep stretch and keeping constant 
tension on the pecs at the close are vital. Since the pec-dec is a 
pulley style apparatus, it will keep a good deal of pressure on the
pecs so you can close them together, and do so strongly. Flex your 
pecs as the bars come together, then repeat.

Constant pressures is the key to getting the most out of your pec 
work so fashion your fly training to keep your muscles on fire 
throughout each set.

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Chest Workout

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