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     Fitness Tips For 11/18/2015

Unconventional Calf Training

Crush Your Calves with Unconventional Training Calf training can sometimes be monotonous and what better way to shake up your calf workout than with some unconventional exercises. Trying something new can make the workout more interesting, challenging and stimulating. Here are some calf workout ideas that are off the beaten training path. Smith Machine Version The Smith machine is employed for all kinds of exercises but you don't often see it used for calf training. It can work well to hit the calves For best results, use a solid step base – one that will support your weight and won’t turn on you but hold your body in place. Unhook the Smith bar, and go up and down on the calves. Leg Press Calf Work The leg press is good for more than just leg presses. A leg press machine is great for calf work. You use the edge of the platform to push off with your calves. Make sure you have a good foot placement, then start pumping out the reps. The leg press machine has a big advantage – you can use big weights with this option. In fact with some leg press machines you can use huge weight loads and really blast your calves. Another variant of the calf work on the leg press is to do it one leg at a time. This will really let you focus in on each calf and give them some concentrated, hard core work. Single Leg Dumbbell Calf Work Yet another unusual approach to calf work is to perform a single leg standing calf raise off a step with a dumbbell in your hand. You can get a good, deep stretch this way and target your calves for a great range of motion as well as being able to zero in on each calf. If our calf routine is stale, consider using some different types of training for your calves and keep them growing. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Unconventional Calf Training

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