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     Fitness Tips For 1/27/2016

What to Do Between Weight Lifting Sets

Is your time between sets totally downtime? Most people don't do much between their working sets but you can benefit from a technique some of the professionals employ. This technique centers on getting in some stretching and flexing. And this is done not after the workout is over, but rather between sets. This technique has been around for awhile. Arnold Schwarzenegger would often stretch out his lats extensively between chin-ups and believed that the stretching helped him further the work on his back. The same principle can be applied to other muscle groups. The biceps, for instance, can really benefit from stretching between sets. They seem to more readily respond to the stretching than other muscles. You can even stretch them further than they go during the exercise. Stretching can apply to all the muscle groups of the body. Flexing can also be beneficial to the muscles. And it can be performed between sets as well. Flexing helps concentrate the blood, the attention, the focus and together this helps expand the size of the muscle for a brief period. Flexing between sets also helps you "feel" the muscle more during the flexing and during the exercise itself. You can stretch and flex for each muscle group you work on. You can do so for compound and isolation movements, although isolation movements are probably best for flexing. But there is one time when you don't want to when you are performing very heavy singles or doubles or triples for maximum lifting. You want to rest as much as you can between sets to gather all of your energy up into one big push. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
What to Do Between Weight Lifting Sets

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