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Nutrition For Muscle Building

By Doberman Dan author of the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program.

Proper nutrition is vital for growth. It plays a very important role in the body's growth and recovery processes. To extract as much as possible from your meals they should be well balanced and well spaced throughout the day. In this way the body is better able to absorb the nutrients and there is less stress on the digestive system.

Protein - Vital for Growth - contrary to some expert opinions bodybuilders/weightlifters need lots of protein. It plays a crucial role in the recovery and building of muscle tissue. It is absolutely required by the body to repair and build new muscle tissue.

Physiological stresses caused by intense weight training leads to nitrogen loss. To grow and get stronger the body must be in a positive nitrogen balance. This means eating protein every 2 - 3 hours. For optimum growth you should be ingesting approximately 30-50 grams of protein, 4 -7 times a day. This is dependant upon your present weight and the quality of the protein you are ingesting.

Good sources of protein are lean red meat, whole eggs, dairy products, fish and chicken. A high quality protein supplement can also be used, such as whey protein or a good milk and egg mix. High quality protein supplements are absorbed well by the body and do not take as long to digest.

If you are trying to gain muscle mass and you have trouble putting on weight than use this diet with your Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program.

Free Muscle Building Nutrition Plan

The Huge Growth Diet

Meal #1
Oatmeal or shredded wheat w/milk
2-6 Eggs - use 1/2 yolks
2 Slices of Whole grain toast

Protein drink
8-12 ounces milk
1/2 - 1 banana
1-2 scoops protein powder

Meal #3
Lean Red meat
Baked potato or rice
8-12 ounces of milk

Meal #4
1-2 cans of Tuna
2-4 slices whole grain bread
Lite or no-fat mayonnaise
1 banana
8-12 ounces milk

Meal #5
Large plate of pasta
3-4 ounces lean ground beef
small salad w/oil and vinegar dressing
8-12 ounces of milk

Meal #6
Lean red meat or chicken
1-3 baked potatoes
1 serving of mixed vegetables
8-12 ounces of milk

This diet will provide roughly between 3500-5500 calories depending on the size of the portions. You may need to adjust the calories upwards or downwards, depending on your present condition. Here are some general guidelines:

To lower calories:

1) Utilize smaller portions
2) Increase fibrous carbohydrates while decreasing starchy carbohydrates
3) Eat less red meat

To increase calories:

1) Eat slightly larger portions
2) Use a weight gain supplement instead of protein powder
3) Use 2% or whole milk

We cannot stress enough the importance of being as consistent as possible about your diet. Do not skip meals, or eat poorly. Many of the hardgainers who have used the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program and followed the dietary guidelines attributed a large part of their gains to this nutritional protocol.

All The Best,

Doberman Dan

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