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Top 8 Workouts to Build Core Strength

A man doing a plank, showing one of the workouts to build core strength.

There isn't a trainer out there that won't emphasize the importance of core strength. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreation trainee, it is essential to develop a strong core. But, while almost all trainers and trainees know this, few build their core strength properly. To help you out, we will outline our pick of 8 workouts to build core strength.

Workouts to build core strength

Before we begin, it is crucial to outline that your core is a complex system of various muscles. You have 29 pairs of muscles that help your core bend, twist, elongate, and tighten. Therefore, you shouldn't expect a single exercise to cover all these muscles. Different workouts focus on different areas of your core. And even a beginner's workout program should mix and match these exercises to full effect.

Abdominal crunches

When people think of workouts to build core strength, they usually mention abdominal (stomach) crunches. That is the most commonly known exercise where you lay on your back and lift your torso towards your legs. And considering all its variations, it is a terrific way to get the midsection you want and build your six-pack. Apart from varying the number of repetitions and sets, you can also choose to have.

        Legs strengighets out.

        Legs bent.

        Touch the opposite knee and elbow when you rise.

        Having your heads on your head.

        Having your hands above your head.

        Adding weights.

These are just some of the many variations of stomach crunches that you can opt for. If your lower back isn't trained, stomach crunches can cause issues. So, to build a strong core, you should ensure not to overdo them alone.

Leg raises

Similarly, leg raises are a terrific exercise for building core strength. They have the same positive aspects that stomach crunches have. Namely, that they don't require any extra equipment. And that they have a ton of variations. When doing them, you can alter the following:

        The angle at which you lift.

        Whether you lift both legs in tandem or one at a time.

        Whether your legs are spread on touching.

If you add leg weights to the mix, you will soon have quite a problematic workout session, especially if you go for 10+ reps within a set.

Hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises are more advanced as they require more upper-body strength. They entail that you hang from a bar and raise your legs. As you can suspect, this also has numerous variations. Whether holding on to a bar or having something to help, you can make a big difference. Apart from this, and the number of sets and reps, you can choose:

        Whether you are lifting straight legs or bent.

        One at a time or two together.

        The angle at which you lift.

A terrific exercise will help you connect your upper body to your core and build strength.


A bridge is a simple exercise used to primarily help strengthen your lower back. It entails that you lay on your back and lift your hips. Variations can be when you only hold yourself on a single leg or both. Elevating your feet is a great way to increase the difficulty. And, before you add weight to your hips, DubaiPT would advise that you focus on having a decent range of motion. These exercises will show if you have tight hips. And if you do, you need to focus on elongation and not simply adding weight.

Superman raises

Another back exercise is the superman raise. It entails laying on your stomach with your hand in front of your head. From this position, you can lift your torso along with your ars. Lift up your legs. Or both at the same time. While there aren't as many variations to this exercise, it is essential to note that it is valuable for building core strength. Adding weight to your hands or legs will significantly increase the difficulty. So, while adding weight to certain exercises is quite natural, we advise focusing on the range of motion and overall speed of your lower back.


Planks are another reasonably common exercise. What plank entails is that you put yourself in a push-up position and simply stand there. You should be completely straight on your elbows to focus on your core. A minute or two of standing on the plank will showcase how laborious this exercise can be. Going into a side plank is also a great exercise as it will focus on a different area of your core.

Suitcase walk

A suitcase walk is an exercise that will require you to have a heftier weight at hand. It entails holding that weight with one hand next to your body, standing straights, and simply walking about. The idea is that you shouldn't bend your body to carry the weight. Instead, you need to use your core to keep your spine in a straight position. The more complicated the weight is, the more complex the exercise. But the great thing is that you don't need to get dumbells or kettlebells. Simply fill an old suitcase with books, and you are ready to go.

Yoga ball

The last of our workouts to build core strength include using yoga balls. At first glance, yoga balls seem like simple exercise props used primarily for stretching. But, once you experience a couple of exercises with the yoga ball, you'll soon see how impactful it can be. For instance, you can try to make a plan with the yoga ball. That way, you won't only have to hold your weight but also stabilize yourself. You can also bridge while placing a foot on the yoga ball and adding extra difficulty. Heck, even wrestlers use a yoga ball for sprawl drills and for building general mobility. All in all, the yoga ball is an excellent tool for building core stabilization.

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