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Paleo Diet Articles

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet for Building Muscle and Fat Loss

Fad diets come and go all the time, but a few stick around long enough to become part of the conversation in fitness circles over the long haul. One of the eating plans that seems to really resonate with many lifters is the paleolithic, or "paleo" diet.

In a world filled with genetically modified foods, preservatives, processed edibles, and all sorts of other unnatural substances that so many of us put in our bodies every day, paleo can be a breath of fresh air.

Specifically, paleo calls for you to focus on whole, unprocessed foods with a special emphasis on taking in plenty of quality protein each day. Most versions of paleo also limit or eliminate grains, especially wheat.

For most people, eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and berries just "feels" right on some gut level. Besides, what lifter  wouldn't want to build the rugged strength of the caveman we typically envision when thinking about primitive diets?

As appealing as paleo may be, though, there are still plenty of questions to ask and information to learn.

Can paleo really help you build muscle? How should you exercise when following paleo? Is paleo healthy?

Heck, do we even know how our early ancestors REALLY ate?

Fortunately for you, we have developed this library of paleo articles to help you answer these questions and decide whether the eating plan is right for you. Consider this your online guide to all things paleo, and be sure to visit often, because we'll always be adding to this list.

Articles About The Paleo Dieting

Check back here often, as we’ll continue to add more information and paleo diet articles. New developments are happening all the time, and this is your home for hardcore paleo dieting tips.

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