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Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Training

High Intensity Training Articles

The constant onslaught of high-volume orthodoxy over the years has bred confusion - from personal trainers to coaches; from avid readers of physical culture magazines to resistance trainees around the globe. Consequently, the desire to know and learn more about high-intensity exercise has never been so prevalent.

Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Training broke all the rules; for the first time a meaningful approach to building strength and size became available. The response to Mike Mentzer's incomparable literary works has been so overwhelming that the next logical step was to provide further guidance, motivation and ideas to the advocates of Heavy Duty, high-intensity exercise.

As a result, we are now publishing a free weekly muscle and strength newsletter full of high intensity training articles on bodybuilding workouts, diets, etc.

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Strengh Training and Muscle Building Articles

High Intensity Training Benefits Five ways that HIT is better than other routines.
Power Rack Training Will help you become very heavily muscled and exceptionally strong in a very short while.
High Intensity Training Principles H.I.T. uses brief and infrequent, but very intense, workouts.
How Hard Should You Workout To Gain Muscle You must force your muscles to perform maximum efforts.
Single Set vs Multiple Set Training Scientific studies on which method better for building muscle.
High Intensity Workouts for Muscle Building How to do HIT without getting burned out or losing motivation.
Types of High Intensity Training Three of the different types of HIT that build muscle fast.
High Intensity Arm Workout How to use high-intensity training to build big arms.
High Intensity Training Techniques The best techniques to increase your workout intensity.
High Intensity Training Workouts Learn the high intensity training principles of old school bodybuilding workout routines.
High Intensity Training Ab Workouts You might be surprised at just how simple effective ab building can be!
High Intensity Training Methods Here are 10 high-intensity training tricks to build bigger muscles.
High Intensity Training Warm Up Can you skip warming up for high-intensity training?
High Intensity Training vs Cardio Is high-intensity training really "more aerobic than aerobics"?

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